Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire

Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire

Marquee Hire Aldford CheshireWhatever the occasion, we’ll make sure its one to remember with our uniquely different range of beautiful marquees here at Premier Event Marquees. Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire.

A new study that analyzed Google search data revealed that more couples are opting for a small garden wedding.

This implies that more couples are using a wedding Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire to hold their wedding receptions in their gardens, or venues with a small capacity.

If you intend to hire one for your wedding reception, read our pros and cons.


1. Affordability

Having one enables you to work out a cheaper reception than a reception venue unless you insist on using the venue because of the modern conveniences that come with it.

With then, you will save money on drinks and food as you won’t be using the catering services of a company provided by the reception venue.

2. Flexible capacity 

Wedding marquees are of different sizes, the number of your expected wedding guests determines the size you will hire, and as long as it will fit into your garden.

Unlike a reception venue that may limit the number of guests on your wedding list, a Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire can house all of them.

3. Changeable layout

There is plenty of flexibility. For instance, if your wedding is on a dry and sunny day, all the sides can be taken off, and the ground can be laid with flooring if it rained the previous night.

Also, a section can be mapped out as the dance floor with decorations, differentiating it from the rest of the it. 

4. A plain canvas

You are not restricted by the existing style of a wedding venue to create the decor you want for your wedding with colored drapes and lighting.

This is why a plain canvas is one of the reasons people hire a wedding marquee, to enable them to add their wedding theme and decorations.

Cons of a Wedding Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire

1. Seasonal prices 

Hiring when in summer or winter comes with extras such as heating, air conditioning, or flooring to ensure the comfortability of your guests.

A marquee is suited for summer because it is a seasonal reception venue. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these periods are the expensive times to hire.

2. Noise problems 

You may aggravate your neighbors with the sound of your reception, if it’s in your garden, they are not soundproof. 

You know that receptions produce noise, especially if you hire a DJ, live band, or the noise of family and friends dancing. 

3. Clearing up

Using a wedding venue for your reception allows you to leave the mess to be cleared up by the venue staff. 

You can’t do much if one is in your garden, some clearing up will likely be done before the arrival of the marquee supplier to dismantle it. 


Marquee Hire Aldford Cheshire allows you to put your stamp on the wedding, which ensures your guests have a great experience in the reception. However, it comes with more work, but the benefits outweigh it.